Author: Joyce Buda


You have been asked to lead a software development team to build a system fulfilling the Statement of Need specified in project 1. Your team is employed by a small company. The customer wants a project that balances reasonable development cost, timely delivery, software quality, and functionality.
In this project, you will work as part of team to define, refine, and proof test case descriptions for the B&B system. If you do not submit project 3 as part of a team you shall receive a zero for this project. Assume that the code for your B&B system has been developed based on the SDD whose requirements trace through the SRS to the SS. The next step is to develop a software test specification (STS) that describes the test cases that you will perform to verify correctness and validate compliance to customer requirements of your B&B system.
You will select components from the Architectural Context Diagram (ACD) for the B&B system and using the derived use case and software requirements set for each software component (as detailed in project 2) write the complete set of associated white and black box test case definitions. 
Completing this project will require that you produce a software test specification (STS) document for the system. The objective is to produce a cookbook for testers. A tester really only needs the STS, the test environment, the test tools, the test data, and of course, the software.
STS Templates
Please develop your STS using the IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation, standard 829-1998, posted in the Reserved Readings section on the Class Menu. Section 6 in the IEEE Std 829-1998 is most relevant to this assignment, so focus on completing this section as thoroughly as you can.
The assignment
Please provide test cases for the following:
Test Case 2-Test the financial reports against the ledger (white box)
Test Case 3- Test the credit card system with a bad credit card (white box)
Hints and suggestions
For the STS, we shall be using only a subset of the IEEE template; specifically section 6 of the IEEE (Test Case Specification). Refer to Module 4 for information on software testing and examples of black-box and white-box test case definitions.  Remember: Each test case is used to assess compliance to a SRS/SS requirement (i.e., Black Box) or to assess correct computation, e.g., correct inventory level (i.e., White Box). Here are the details required for each test case description:
Test objective
unique test case identifier
input specification
output specification
special environment conditions
special procedural requirements
execution procedure steps

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