Author: Joyce Buda


Final Exam
Question 1  1 / 1 point
__________ is a worm for Windows XP that downloads and executes malicious files on the compromised computer and spreads through removable storage devices.
  a. HTTP W32.Drom
  b. W32/VBAut-B
  c. W32/QQRob-ADN
  d. W32/SillyFDC-BK
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Question 2  1 / 1 point
__________ monitors and audits databases for security issues in real time.
  a. Selective Audit
  b. AppDetective
  c. AppRadar
  d. FlexTracer
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Question 3  1 / 1 point
Which of the following attacks would you choose to seize control of a legitimate user’s web application session while the session is still in progress?
  a. session hijacking
  b. DOS attack
  c. password sniffing
  d. spoofing
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Question 4  1 / 1 point
__________ viruses search all drives and connected network shares to locate files with an EXE or SCR extension.
  a. W32/Madang-Fam
  b. W32/Hasnot-A
  c. W32/Fujacks-AK
  d. W32/Fujacks-E
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Question 5  1 / 1 point
In order for traffic to get back to the attacker during session hijacking, a process called __________ is used that allows the sender to specify a particular route for the IP packet to take to the destination.
  a. desynchronization
  b. source routing
  c. spoofing
  d. TCP routing
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Question 6  1 / 1 point
A __________ attack occurs when an attacker sends an oversized ping packet to a victim’s device.
  a. BlueSmacking
  b. Blueprinting
  c. BTVoiceBugging
  d. Bluesnarfing
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