Author: Joyce Buda


You have five routers running OSPF on a single subnet. RouterB has been elected as the DR. You remove RouterB from the network for a hardware upgrade. The next day, you add the router back onto the network. What will happen when you add RouterB back onto the network?
While working at the console of a Cisco device, you need to view a list of the commands that are currently stored in the history buffer of the system.Which command should you use?
You are troubleshooting the connections on a switch. The device connected to the switch on fa0/8 is powered on. Which would you do to correct the status of Fa0/8?
You have configured access lists on your router.
A partial configuration for the router is shown below: hostname RouterA ! interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address speed auto duplex auto ! interface FastEthernet0/1 ip address speed auto duplex auto ! interface Serial0/1/0 ip address encapsulation ppp ip access-group 107 in ! access-list 107 deny ip any access-list 107 deny ip any ! You want to block any traffic received on S0/1/0 that has a source address that appears to be coming from the two internal networks. However, you find that no traffic is being accepted on the S0/1/0 interface. What should you do?
Which two of the following statements accurately describe full-duplex Ethernet?
In which of the following scenarios would a router send a resign message?
You have a Catalyst 2950 switch with three defined VLANs: VLAN 1, VLAN 3, and VLAN 5. You connect the switch to another switch using the Fa0/1 interface, and use the switchport mode trunk command for Fa0/1. Assuming the other switch has the default configuration, what will now pass through Fa0/1 on the switch?
Which of the following protocols is used by PPP to enable support for multiple Network-layer protocols?
To answer this question, complete the lab using information below
You have configured an EtherChannel between two switches. To verify the EtherChannel, you use the show etherchannel summary command and receive the output as shown in the exhibit. Which of the following is true? (Select two.)
You enter the following commands to configure frame relay on the pdx router:pdx(config-if)#int s1pdx(config-if)#ip address frame-relaypdx(config-if)#int s1.1 point-to-pointpdx(config-subif)#frame-relay interface-dlci 150pdx(config-subif)#exitpdx(config)#exitYour frame-relay connection is not working. What command should you enter to resolve the pdx#copy run startissue?
When you start up your router, you see the following messages:Have a nice day!The grass grows greenUser Access VerificationPassword:The sky is blueRouter>For security purposes, you would like to change the message The sky is blue to read Allactivity is monitored. Which command should you use?
Shown here is a diagram of the back of a sample router. Which port would you use if you wanted to connect the router to a CSU/DSU using a serial connection?
You have a small network as shown in the exhibit. You want to configure a route so that packets sent to any non-directly connected network get sent to RouterB. Which command would you use?
Which is the default Layer 2 encapsulation method for Serial interfaces on a Cisco router?

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