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Your network currently has two domains: eastsim.com and sales.eastsim.com.You need to remove the sales.eastsim.com domain.You have removed all domain controllers in the domain except for the DC1.sales.eastsim.comserver. This server holds the following infrastructure master roles:• RID master• PDC emulator• Infrastructure master• Domain naming masterYou are getting ready to remove Active Directory from DC1. What should you do first?
Which built-in local user account is a member of the local Administrators group?
You are the administrator for WestSim Corporation. The network has a single domain, westsim.com, running at the Windows 2008 functional level. Five domain controllers, all running Windows Server 2012 R2, are located on the network. The Active Directory Structure is shown in the image. All user and computer accounts have been placed in the department OUs. Main offices are located in Orlando, with additional offices in Boston and New York and a small branch office in Chicago. There are three departments within the company: Sales, Marketing, and Accounting. Employees from each department are at each location. You want to appoint an employee in each department to help with changing passwords for users within their department. They should not be able to perform any other tasks. What should you do?
You have a file server that has the File Server Resource Manager role service installed. The G:\ drive is used for storing files for the research department. The G:\Users folder contains subfolders for user home directories, with one subfolder for each user. The G:\Reports folder is shared by all users for holding weekly department reports. You create a quota entry for the G:\Users folder using the default 100 MB Limit template and auto applying the template to subfolders. You create a second quota entry for the G:\Reports folder using the Create quota on path option and the default 100 MB Limit template. After several months, the manager is complaining that the G:\Reports folder is full. You are instructed to increase the quota limit to 200 MB while keeping the remaining quota settings. What should you do?
The desktop workstations you recently purchased for the employees in your organization's Denver office came with two network boards installed: • A RealTek PCIe Fast Ethernet interface integrated into the motherboard • A Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Ethernet interface installed in a motherboard slot. Page 3 of 44 http://cdn.testout.com/client-v5-1-10-337/startlabsim.html 5/7/2016 You used the gigabit controller to connect these systems to the network. Because the integrated interface is not used, you set up a Devices Group Policy preference that disables the RealTek adapter. However, because this affects only the employees in the Denver office, you set up an item-level target that specifies that the preference only be applied to hosts in the Denver site in Active Directory. Which of the following is true concerning this Group Policy preference when it is applied?
You are the administrator for a network with a single Active Directory domain called westsim.com. All computer accounts reside in Organizational Units (OUs) that correspond to departments. You have previously deployed a WSUS server in your location to specify the approved list of updates. All client computers are configured to download updates from your local WSUS server. You decide that you need to configure a separate update approval list for all computers in the Marketing department. You want the update list to be automatically identified based on the department membership for the computer. What should you do? (Select three. Each choice is a required part of the solution.)

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