Author: Joyce Buda


CMST 301: Digital Media and Society
1. Compare and contrast a specific company’s advertisement from 20-30 years ago with today. What has changed? How has digital media impacted their advertising? Include URL of advertisements.
2. Research a current event (news or political) and give a summary and analysis of digital media’s impact. Event must be recent (no later than January 2016)
3. Choose one of the TED Talks that was assigned in the “Read/Watch” section each week. What was significant about this video? Give an example that supports the information discussed in the video. In your opinion, what impact could the information discussed have on society?
Essay Questions: 10 points each (Essay responses must be 100-200 words, this does not include quoted material.)
1. Week 2 covered Communication Theory and content delivery. Provide an example of a company, individual or organization that has successfully used digital media for communication. Explain why they were successful and what they effectively communicated. Include an example of their communication (Tweet, Video, Infographic, etc) Cite resources
2. Give a brief explanation of E commerce. What are some security concerns that the public should be aware of? List and explain at least two
3. Choose and evaluate information found through digital media. This can be a website, video, infographic, etc. List the URL, embed if you can, and explain the steps you used to evaluate.
4. Give an example of participatory media and use this example to explain advantages and disadvantages of participatory media

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