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Coaching Parents to Help Their Children

Coaching Parents to Help Their Children

Author: Stacey Knudson

This tutorial is aimed at helping parents help their children become better readers.

This tutorial is meant to give parents little background on reading so that they can help their children practice reading skills at home. It is also meant to give them a purpose for increasing their child's reading time. There is a 25 minute video that helps parents "learn" the 72 phonograms with flashcards so they can teach their children phonics word attack skills. There is also a slide show that presents some fascinating statistics about reading and quick tips for parents to implement into their child's daily routine.

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Fun Website to Learn High Frequency Sight Words

This is just ONE of many, many, many websites that you can guide your children through to help them learn new academic material. Do a google search and you fill find much more!! Example: