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Coaching Resources:Study Habits

Coaching Resources:Study Habits


This tutorial is to better inform coaches on how to help their student-athletes off the track by:

  • Showing them video's on how to study
  • Handing them articles on how to study
  • Showing them the results of studying the proper way

The purpose of this tutorial is to inform coaches and student-athletes on how to preform and be successful in the classroom. This tutorial will focus on how to study.

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How to Study Effectively

This video is very simple and gets straight to the point. It list some easy tips for one to be able to study in a more effective way.

Student Athlete Academic Services

This video takes a look at with the College of Marin did in order to keep their student-athletes in the right track to graduate. In the video a young lady talks about having a place to study now, whereas before she did not have a place to go in order to study.

How to Study

This website focuses on how to study. It gives one tips on how to study and much more!