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Coaching Sports

Coaching Sports

Author: tony meyers

This is a guide for parents or volunteer coaches to learn different techniques on how to teach kids the sport and different drills to do. 

You may think to yourself why playing a sport when you are young is so important.  There are many reasons why kids should start playing sports at a young age.  The first and most obvious reason is that it will keep your kids physically active rather then sitting in the house all day long.  This is the basis of what kids will need to help staay active and ensure that they remain physically active.   The next reason is that sports help build character.  Sports build character by helping build friendships with kids that will last a life time, as well as instilling in them the self discipline and work ethic that is needed to be successful at sports.  You learn how to win as well as how to lose and how to react to each. 

The next reason is that it gives kids role models to look up to and to inspire them to dream about becoming something big.  Whether its a coach as a role model or that they like the sport so much they start watching the proffesionals wanting to become the next big start.  Thye have something to look up to and strive to reach there goals.  For kids that may not have someone in there life that they can look up to or lead them in the right direction this is a big factor.  You see a lot of kids when they grow up look back and realize that one of their coaches was the most influential person in their lives and pushed them to make smart decisions in sports and in life. 

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A lot of coaches for youth sports do not know a lot about the sport they are coaching.  They are mainly there to provide supervision for all the kids.  This website is designed to provide coaches and parents with a site that gives them ideas for drills to run.  These drills help work on techniques for kids to work on and try to improve their skills.  These drills will provide the basis for the kids learning there sport.

Child Development

This video describes how sports are important in the development of kids. It talks about the physical benefits, the psychological benefits, and socially. It talks about how childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years and is becoming an epidemic.

What makes a great youth sports coach

This video describes a little bit about what it takes to be a good youth sports coach. You have to have a good personality to draw kids to you so they will want to learn from you and respect you. You also need to be intelligent so you know what you are talking about and can answer the kids questions that they would have. You need to be a role model and leader so the kids can look up to you. This is the most important part because coaches become such big influences on kids that it is important for coaches to live there life like they want there kids to do.