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Cold War - Conflicts (spread of Communism)

Cold War - Conflicts (spread of Communism)

Author: Jason Heiser
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Conflicts Questions

This is the Essential Question for the Conflicts tutorial.

Source: Jason Heiser

Conflicts - Korea

Discussion of China and Korea as countries that changed the direction of the Cold War. Most of the audio is concerned with Korea and the Essential Question is written above.

Source: Jason Heiser

Intro Vietnam and Cuban Missile Crisis

This is a brief intro into Vietnam with a small discussion on the American Policy of containment and the idea of the domino theory. Most of discussion is concerned with a video on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Source: Jason Heiser

Berlin Wall and East Germany

This is the graphic shown in class today of the Berlin Wall and Eat Germany

Source: WAHG department SHS

Berlin Wall

Discussion on the Berlin Wall and parts of the exercise.

Source: Jason Heiser

Berlin Wall 2

This is the end of the cold war Berlin Wall discussion. Reviewed questions from the paper/map of Selinsgrove from yesterday and talked about the implications of living in a free state and dictatorship.

Source: Jason Heiser