Collections and Sharing with friends - Week 5

Collections and Sharing with friends - Week 5

Author: Douglas Sias
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Collectibles and sharing

Hi students. If you have issues, please share them on the group wall.

This week we look at putting together a collection and sharing your work (so far) with friends for comments, suggestions and feedback.... to make it better.

  • Collections
    • Task: Create a collection of your artefacts and share with your friends. Ask that they comment on them and give you feedback.
  • Shared by me:
    • Task: See what you have shared (or not) with your friends. Make a short entry in your journal about whether you have shared some of your digital life and what you think of their responses (or lack thereof).
  • Resume:
    • Task: Start finishing up your Resume.

Don't forget, the group wall is there - for questions, queries and help.