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College Admissions Checklist

College Admissions Checklist

Author: Margarita Loza

This is an assignment that will help you better understand what you will need when you are ready to apply for college. 

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Admissions Checklist

College application season is right around the corner and in order for you to be prepared you must gather all the important documents and test scores you will need when you apply to the colleges/universities of your choosing. Here is a list of what you might need when you apply:

  • High School Transcripts: Make sure to send out your high school transcripts on time to the colleges/universities you have applied to. Your transcripts can be sent though the high school office. 
  • Application Fee Money: College applications have an application fee and you will have to pay it in order for your application to be sent out. If there are any troubles for you affording an application fee talk to your counselor to see if there is any possible way to get an application fee waiver
  • College Admission Tests:Most colleges want an SAT score or an ACT score, make sure you have already taken these tests and that you have a score to add to your admission application. 
  • Letters of Recommendation: Some colleges want to know about the students they are admitting to their college, and for this reason they ask for letters of recommendation. Make sure to build strong relationships with your teachers, counselors, principles, or employers to ask for a letter.
  • Application Essays: Sometimes letters of recommendation are not enough because colleges want to get to know you personally, and they might have you write an essay based on your experiences. Make sure to check if the colleges you're applying to have this requirement so you can get started on your essays as soon as possible.

Remember to check all the admission requirements before starting your admissions application.

Advise on College Admissions

College admission applications may be stressful, but take a look on this video to ease out some stress when applying.