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Students will understand how to research careers.

Students will know what courses they must take in high school to be able to attend a four year university in California.

Standard B: Students will complete school with the academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of substantial post-secondary options, including college.

A:B1.5 Organize and apply academic information from a variety of sources

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Career Exploration

Click on the hyperlink below and watch the Utell story to learn about career exploration.

Career Interest Profiler

Need help finding a career? Take an interest profiler! Follow the link and click on "Interest Profiler". Answer the questions to find careers that may be of interest to you.

Source: California Career Zone. (n.d.) Interest profiler. Retrieved from

A-G Presentation

Does the career you are interested in require a college education? Find out what colleges require students to do in high school!
Students: Please watch the power point presentation and follow the links to watch the Youtube video and visit the "Doorways" lists for our high school.

My A-G Plan

Use this form to create your own plan to fulfill the A-G college requirements.
Students: After watching the powerpoint presentation fill out the form below to complete your own A-G completion plan for high school.


Senior Parent Night

If you missed Senior Parent Night, you can listen to everything you missed!