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College Reading - "Tell No One"

College Reading - "Tell No One"

Author: Renee Gaboury

This tutorial will provide an overview of the components used for the fiction novel, Tell No One by Harlan Coben that is required for College Reading.


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The slideshow provides an overview of the components availabe with using "Tell No One" as part of the course.

TELL NO ONE –“An International Bestseller.”

“I wanted to savor every clue, every detail, and I NEVER WANTED IT TO END.” — USA TODAY

TELL NO ONE is a story of loss and redemption. It begins innocently enough. Dr. David Beck and his beloved wife, Elizabeth, are celebrating the anniversary of their first kiss in the quiet of Lake Charmaine. They grew up together, first kissed at age twelve, and now, twenty-five years old and married less than a year, they return for an idyllic weekend away.

Tragedy shatters their solitude. Elizabeth is abducted and murdered, her body found in a ditch. Her killer is caught and brought to justice. But for David Beck, there can be no closure. Eight years pass. He never gets over Elizabeth’s murder. He loses himself in his work as an inner city pediatrician.

But everything changes on the eighth anniversary of Elizabeth’s death. Two unidentified bodies are found at Lake Charmaine, unearthed years after their deaths. But even more disturbing, Beck gets a bizarre email that mentions a specific phrase – a phrase known only to him and Elizabeth. The email also tells him to click a hyperlink the next day at a specific hour – “kiss time” – 6:15PM.

The Tell No One Trailer is based on Harlan Coben's international best thriller. 

A possible end semester project is to have students compare/contrast the novel to the international movie.

Tell No One Video Trailer