Common Core ELA for Elementary Teachers

Common Core ELA for Elementary Teachers


My goal is for Teachers to walk away with tools that they can use to help meet Common Core State Standards in ELA, for the Elementary grades. This is not a complete list just some ideas.

Below are a presentation with tool and resources teachers may be interested in using to obtain Common Core State Standards. These ideas are primarily tech based, some are paper based that can be completed using your interactive whiteboard equipment.

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*UPDATE* June 2013 Handout

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*UPDATE* June 2013 CCSS ELA Elementary Presentation

*Almost all pictures link out to the web, please don't be afraid to click!

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April's Notes Page

If you work better writing notes, the attached is a page with information to contact the presenter and space to write down notes you think may be beneficial

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April's CCSS in ELA (for Elementary Teachers) Presentation

This presentation is a compilation of sites that have lessons, technology, and other options you may use to meet the Common Core State Standards for ELA.

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