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Common Features of All Forms of Life
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Common Features of All Forms of Life

This lesson presents the features that are common among all forms of living things.
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An organism is a living thing. Organisms share many common features with each other.


  1. Organisms respond to the environment around them
  2. Organisms maintain homeostasis meaning they maintain their internal environment
  3. Organisms use energy to survive which is made by either photosynthesis or cellular respiration
  4. Organisms have DNA which is genetic information
  5. Organisms have the ability to grow, develop and reproduce
  6. Organisms organize their cells into specific levels and cells have specialized functions. Cells are the basic units of ALL living things.
  7. Organisms are made up of similar substances such as water, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids.


Source: prentice hall science explorer 2007 Life Science