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Common Layout Styles

Common Layout Styles

Author: Nancy Esslinger

In this lesson you will learn to recognize and identify a variety of commonly used layout styles.

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Notes on "Common Layout Styles"


(00:00 - 00:42) Introduction

(00:43 - 01:19) Description and Example of Mondrian

(01:20 - 01:52) Description and Example of Frame

(01:53 - 02:45) Description and Example of Picture Window

(02:46 - 04:09) Description and Example of Circus

(04:10 - 05:07) Description and Example of Silhouette

(05:08 - 06:10) Description and Example of Rebus

(06:11 - 07:10) Description and Example of Big Type

(07:11 - 07:49) Recap


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The Loft Literary Center summer catalog 2013, pages 10, 32 and 44.

  • Mondrian

    A layout style named after a Dutch painter and characterized by emphasis dividing the space into obvious sections.

  • Frame

    A layout style characterized by the use of a border.

  • Picture Window

    A vertical layout style characterized by a large picture at the top with a headline and body copy below.

  • Circus

    A layout style characterized by the use of a wide variety of shapes and sizes of design elements.

  • Silhouette

    A layout style characterized by picture elements that are cut out of their backgrounds.

  • Rebus

    A layout style characterized by a headline with some of the words replaced with pictures.

  • Big Type

    As the name implies, a layout style characterized by the use of a very large headline