Commonly misused words

Commonly misused words


    Introduce commonly misused words and how to use them correctly (e.g. accept vs. except, then vs. than, i.e. vs. e.g., etc.). 


    Explain devices or strategies that learners can use to remember how to use commonly misused words correctly (e.g. mnemonic devices) 


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand English writing style and who has made mistakes with word choice. It will explain commonly misused words and how to correct them.

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Commonly Misused Words

This slideshow introduces and explains without audio some commonly misused words. Learners who wish to learn the information but not listen to additional instruction will find this slideshow useful.

Commonly Misused Words

This video introduces learners to commonly misused words. With the audio element, there is added instruction for the learner as he or she goes through the slideshow.

Avoiding Misusing Words

This video explains why people often misuse words and ways to avoid making those same mistakes. The audio element adds further instruction to the video.