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Commonly Misused Words

Commonly Misused Words

Author: Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner

In this learning packet we will:

1.Introduce commonly misused words

2.Explain strategies and devices that learners can remember how to use commonly misused words correctly.

In this lesson we will look at commonly misused words in different ways.We will look at most of these words and their meanings in a power point presentation and use a few aids to help us remember them . To reinforce their meanings, we will watch a short film and then read a short story called "The Swooning Princess"- in the story there are many commonly misused words used in the right context. A short quiz will follow.

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Commonly Misused Words-A Power Point Presentation.

Source: Grammar Girl Presents-the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students by Mignon Fogarty

Commonly Misused Words and their Meanings


Commonly Misused Words and their Meanings





 to receive something


to  exclude something


To give help or comments to solve a problem-Verb


The help or comments that are given to solve a problem


When something is acting upon something else. To change.


The result of a change




A marketplace


Something you can see


Physical location


To quote something


Delicious pies, cakes and ice cream


A dry and sandy place


To release something that is tied on tight


To not be able to find something or to get rid of something


Where two pieces of cloth are stitched together


Refers to how something looks or appears


Refers to the state of the atmostphere-snowing, windy etc.


A choice between two or more options


Possessive-it refers to something that belongs to someone else


A contraction of Who or Who has




Source: Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner

The Swooning Princess by Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner

A short story using commonly misused words.

Source: Puppetry: Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner Reading: Michael Sinner

The Swooning Princesss by Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner

The Swooning Princess by

Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner

Princess Izabel accepted Prince Luke’s hand in marriage. Everyone was happy except Princess Marie. She was hoping Prince Luke would choose her. Princess Marie did not take Queen Anne’s advice and turned down Prince Lawrence’s offer of marriage.

Queen Anne said, “I am advising you to accept Prince Lawrence’s offer of marriage.”

But Prince Luke always had a strong effect on Princess Marie and she could not deny she loved him. She was so affected by his presence that she swooned when he was near her. As a result it was often difficult to make conversation.

Poor Prince Luke could never understand Princess Marie’s bizarre behavior. He always thought she was a little strange and honestly she gave him the creeps!

Anyway, after Princess Izabel accepted his proposal, they headed off to the Royal Bazaar. It was a wonderful sight! So many shops and shows. It was great fun! Princess Izabel decided to open up a shop at the bazaar on the site closest to the beach. It would be a dessert shop filled with wonderful goodies like ice cream, cupcakes and cakes. It would be great to plant a garden at the front of the store but because it had not rained lately the place was as dry as a desert.

“It’s Marie!” Izabel said.

“Oh boy!” Luke said almost to himself.

“Hello!” said swooning Marie. Her shoelace came loose and she fell over once again in front of Prince Luke. Then the seam on her purse tore and her wallet and lipstick fell out. Her face burned red because of how foolish she seemed.

“I am so clumsy!” poor Marie cried. She was so embarrassed.

Suddenly, Prince Lawrence appeared and helped her up.

“It’s the weather! Sorry the wind blew you down! Here let me help you.” he said gallantly.

Princess Marie smiled, hooked her arm through his and said.

“Let’s get married. We’ll tell everyone.”

She looked at a group of women in front of them and asked,

 “Who’s your Mom?”


Source: Short Story by Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner

Quizzes on Commonly Misused Words


Exercise 1-Find the commonly misused words we discussed in the lesson and explain difference in the meaning of the words.


Exercise 2-Can you find two words that might be commonly misused in this story?


Exercise 2-Write a story using the 6 commonly misused words



Source: Judi-Anne Ali-Sinner

Homonyms and You!

A video showing the differences between some homonyms.