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Communication Strategies in SBM

Communication Strategies in SBM

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, students analyze the importance of effective communication strategies in SBM.

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Implementing Site-Based Initiatives

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Notes on "Communication Strategies in SBM"

(00:00 - 00:20) Introduction

(00:21 - 01:47) Developing a Communication Plan

(01:48 - 02:00) Communication Based on SBM Team Type

(02:01 - 02:38) Strategic Teams

(02:39 - 03:13) Tactical Teams

(03:14 - 03:50) Operational Teams

(03:51 - 04:36) Communication Based on SBM Team Type, Part 2

(04:37 - 05:13) Collaborative Teams

(05:14 - 05:43) Advisory Teams

(05:44 - 06:26) Stop and Reflect

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