Community Lesson

Community Lesson

Author: Lauren Capps

This is a lesson teaching students about the elements that define a community. Students are then required to research a given state and identify the elements that define this state. 

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3rd Grade- Lauren Capps Hamilton

Essential Standard: 3.G.1.5 Summarize the elements (cultural, demographic, economic and geographic) that define regions (community, state, nation and world).

Learning Objective:     -Be able to define what a community is.

                                    - Be able to describe how culture, demographics, economics, and geography affect a community.

                                    -Be able to research and then identify culture, demographics, economics, and geography of a given region. 


Students will first be split up into groups. (Groups will be split up by learning style. For example, Group 1 learns best by seeing pictures. Group 2 learns best by listening to the information. Group 3 learns best by seeing the words.) Groups will then be assigned a state in the United States to research. Groups will research the special elements that define the state using ipads, computers, and books. Groups will then create a presentation and present their findings to the class. They have the option of creating a poster, powerpoint, prezi, video, or any other aid approved first by the teacher. 

Presentation must include 

1. The community/state
2. The special qualities for the community/state. SPECIFIC examples. 
3. Visual aids to help us understand
4.  AT LEAST 5 sources (books, websites)
5.  Organization
6. Participation from all group members.
7. Creativeness!