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¿Cómo eres? Realidades I 1B

¿Cómo eres? Realidades I 1B





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¿Cómo eres?

Describes in a "rap style" a person.
The song asks the listener what they are like too.

Source: Expresaté

What does Chapter 1B cover


 B. Y tú, ¿Cómo eres? 1-B 

1. Vocabulary: 


-To talk about what you and others are like 

-To ask people about themselves or others 

-To talk about what someone likes or does not like 

- To describe someone and to tell whom are you talking about 

2. Grammar: 


- Definite and Indefinite Articles 

- Word Order: Placement of adjectives 

Source: Mrs. Omayra Albino Class Syllabus

Definite and indefinite articles Realidades 1B pg 60

Showing how to distinguish between the in Spanish. El and la

Source: Mrs. Shirley's Spanish site

Spanish Adjectives

First year Spanish Adjectives



Adjective Agreement Grammar Rule #7

How Adjectives must agree in number and gender with the noun they modify.

Source: unknown at this time

Spanish Adjectives ppt

Adjectives that describe nouns with amusing pictures

Source: unknown at this time