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COMP 122 Lab 4 Lab Report and Source Cod

COMP 122 Lab 4 Lab Report and Source Cod

Author: Irene A. Roseberry Roseberry

COMP 122 Lab 4 Lab Report and Source Cod

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COMP 122 Week 4 Lab Part 1

Part 1 of this week’s lab will give you an opportunity to use the debugging capabilities

 of Visual Studio. Part 2 will present a problem for which you will need to create a test plan 

and actually test an executable program to determine if it behaves correctly.Part 1 – Using the Debugger

To begin this exercise, create a VC++ project and copy the following code into your project. Make sure 

that the project compiles successfully.


using namespace std;

int main()


int input;

int , ;

int ;

cout< "enter="" which="" number="" in="" the="" fibonacci="" number="" sequence="" you="" want="" to="" find."="">

cout< "the="" first="" and="" second="" fibonacci="" numbers="" are="" 1."="">

cin>> input;

while (input < 1)="">

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