COMP 230 Final Exam

COMP 230 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 1) Windows Server 2008 (like Windows Server 2003) has _____, which allows each application or service to be allocated limits on memory and processor usage, with different amounts configurable for different times of the day. (Points : 5)
2. (TCO 1) A _____ is a grouping of network objects, such as computers, servers, and user accounts, that provides for easier management. (Points : 5)
3. (TCO 1) _____ has a granular, inheritable access control structure that allows each folder and file to have an access control list. (Points : 5)
4. (TCO 1) Windows Server 2008 installation generates several files containing information about the installation. Which of the following files provides information about set-up actions? (Points : 5)
5. (TCO 7) _____ is the process of an authenticated person being given access to certain resources, such as permissions on a New Technology File System (NTFS) file. (Points : 5)
6. (TCO2 ) To hide a share, place the _____ sign just after its name. (Points : 5)
7. (TCO 3) Along with the various security options on an object, you can stop permission inheritance from an object’s parent by unselecting the _____ Inheritable Permissions from this object’s Parent check box. (Points : 5)
8. (TCO 8) A RAID 5 volume requires a minimum of _____ disk drives. (Points : 5)
9. (TCO 9) Windows Server 2008 (including Server Core installations) provides _____ drive encryption, which is used to encrypt the entire system boot volume. (Points : 5)
10. (TCO 9) BitLocker works only on _____ disks and NTFS partitions. (Points : 5)

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