Comparative Feudalisms: Medieval Europe and Japan

Comparative Feudalisms: Medieval Europe and Japan

Author: David Jensen

This presentation will outline for you the similarities and differences found between medieval Japan and Europe. You will be looking at political systems, political leaders, religious beliefs, monastic movements, social stratification, and historical periods found both in medieval Japan and medieval Europe. You will take this information and create a compare and contrast paper covering both regions.

Steps of Lesson:

1. Utilize the presentation to answer the comparison questions found on the student hand-out.

2. Write a compare and contrast paper that follows the requirements found on the AP Compare and Contrast Rubric

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Comparative Feudalisms: Japan and Europe

This is the text only version of the presentation. It is possible to create your comparison chart using only this resource. If you would like hints, depth, and perspective that will help you with your paper then go on to listen to the presentations that have my lectures recorded over the slide show.

Compare and Contrast Essay Rubric

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Comparative Feudalisms Questions

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Comparative Feudalisms

This should take about 15 minutes and will give you helpful hints on how to approach your papers.