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Comparing and Contrasting Different Genres

Comparing and Contrasting Different Genres


By the end of this lesson, I will be able to share the characteristics I use to identify Historical Fiction with a partner.

By the end of this lesson, I will be able to tell my partner which elements of a text I can compare and contrast.

By the end of the Unit, I will be able to compare and contrast two texts of different genres.

In this lesson, students will study and be able to recognize the characteristics of a Historical Fiction text.  They will be able to read a text and tell if the text has the characteristics of Historical Fiction or not.  Students will need to use prior knowledge to identify an expository non-fiction text. They will also become familiar with the different elements of a text that we can use to compare and contrast that text with another text.  Within the lesson, students will read two texts, "Storm Warriors" and "Pea Island's Forgotten Heroes," that have different genres, but cover the same topic.  They will then be able to compare and contrast the two texts by responding to questions.

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Historical Fiction Characteristics


What elements do we compare and contrast?


Characteristics of Historical Fiction doc

Storm Warriors



  • Where and when does this story take place?




  • What is important about the setting of this story?




  • What character traits of Nathan help you know that he lived in the past?




  • How did Nathan change throughout the story?



  • What is the main problem in this story? How is the problem resolved?



  • How is the setting important to what happens?



  • What do you learn about the story’s setting from the illustrations?



  • What is the author’s message (theme) in this story?



  • What issues were important to the people in the story? How do these issues compare with what is important to many people today?


Comparing and Contrasting

Comparing and Contrasting Different Genres

Storm Warriors and Pea Island's Forgotten Heroes


How are the events that occurred on Pea Island in the two stories similar?




What character traits about the crewman are mentioned in both stories?




Compare the theme of the two stories.






What are the major differences between the two stories?