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Comparison and Contrast Essays

Comparison and Contrast Essays

Author: Laura Kniffin

This packet reviews:

New terms and definitions
Ying/Yang Venn diagram
List style
Block Style vs. point by point comparison
Vocabulary used to compare/ contrast

Slides explaining the brainstorming process, the organization, and the vocabulary related to compare and contrast essays.

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New Terms

Compare/Contrast Essays: Essays that display the similarities (compare) and/or differences (contrast) between two different ideas or topics.

Yin/Yang Venn Diagrams: A diagram that shows the differences and similarities between the two topics being written about. Used for brainstorming.

Block Comparisons: When the two topics are discussed in separate paragraphs, giving all the characteristics of one thing or idea in one paragraph, and all the characteristics of the other in the next.

Point by Point Comparisons: The organization of your compare/contrast essay by displaying the differences in separate paragraphs based on ideas and topics.

Examples of finished compare/contrast essays

Student's comparison and contrast essays. Use as guides to help you write yours!