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Competency Based Education and iNacol's 5 Principles

Competency Based Education and iNacol's 5 Principles


In this lesson, students review the history of CBE and analyze the design principles of CBE as they relate to curriculum.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Source: Digital Access Key Image; Morgue File; http://mrg.bz/xJqkIW

Notes on "Competency Based Education & iNacol's 5 Principles"

(00:00-00:19) Intro

(00:20-00:32) Objectives

(00:33-02:01) History of CBE

(02:02-03:34) CBE & Competency Based Curriculum

(03:35-05:19) Analyzing CBE according to iNacol

(05:20-06:00) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

The Learning Edge: Supporting Student Success in a Competency-Based Learning Environment

This is comprehensive report on CBE. Scroll to section III to understand the design principles behind establishing a CBE learning environment.

Learning Outcomes Workshop

This presentation highlights the differences between outcomes and objectives, and has participants practice writing each. This presentation is a helpful tool in designing outcomes for CBE.