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Complete Subjects and Predicates

Complete Subjects and Predicates

Author: Debra Lapointe

We will be able to identify the complete subject and the complete predicates in sentences.

In today's lesson we learned about complete subjects and complete predicates.  Watch these two videos to help you review and remember.

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Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates

This tutorial will help you to review and remember what we have learned about complete subjects and complete predicates.

Complete subject = These are all the words in the sentence that tell who or what the sentence is about.

          For example:  Our amazing teacher loves to teach grammar every day.

  • Often the complete subject appears at the beginning of a sentence.

Complete predicate = These words tell what the subject of the sentence is or is does.

          For example:  Our amazing teacher loves to teach grammar every day.

  • Often the complete predicate appears at the end of a sentence.
  • It tells what the subject is or what the subject is doing.
  • Once you have found the complete subject, the complete predicate is the rest of the sentence




Mr. Morton

Watch this video to review complete subjects and complete predicates to help you remember our lesson.

Source: you tube

Complete Subjects and Predicates Video

This video will show you the parts of sentences that include the complete subject and the complete predicate. It will remind you how to divide a sentence into the subject and the predicate.

Source: you tube

Use What You Learned

Now, use what you learned here to send me four sentences in which you underline the complete subject and circle the complete predicate.

You can also write the sentences down and turn them in to my mailbox.