Compound Project

Compound Project

Author: Richard Smith
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Overall directions for this project

In this project you will be required to fulfill the items listed on the scoring rubric provided.  To accomplish this follow these steps.

  1. Choose your compound
    1. Find several  compounds that you believe might work for this project.
    2. Check the list of compounds people have posted - Make sure that you do NOT duplicate a compound.
    3. If you have a compound that someone has NOT chosenPost this on the website.
  2. Research your compound
  3. Post your report on the website
    1. Formats welcome include - document, flier, power point, Prezi, video (can be uploaded to this site)
    2. Check the Sophia site for what you can upload if it is different than "the normal ones"
  4. Comment on others projects --> comment on 5 others projects.
    1. Ask questions!
    2. Relate, add something beneficial to the project.
    3. Do NOT be negative.
    4. Make sure that EVERYONE has at least three comments, if not - add a comment, help out
  5. Reply to comments on your project --> reply to 3 comments

Source: Richard Smith

Compound Project Directions

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Source: Richard Smith