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Compound Sentences & Conjunctions

Compound Sentences & Conjunctions

Author: Jon Moore

With this tutorial, students will learn the basic fundamentals of a compound sentence, as well as the three main conjunctions used to form a compound sentence.

The various slides will cover key concepts, including notes, videos, pictures, and examples.

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Compound Sentences

What is a compound sentence?

-Simply put, a Compound Sentence is a sentence made up of two simple sentences.

-These simple sentences are joined by a conjunction and separated by a comma.

-Each part of a Compound Sentence is equal in importance to the other. This is key!



Conjunctions - 3 Main Types

What are the 3 Main Conjunctions?

*Glad you asked! The 3 main Conjunctions are:






*The conjunction you use is predicated (see: determined) by your purpose. For example:


-to combine related ideas or ADD information, use -and

-to give choice, us -or

-to show contrasting or differing ideas, use -but

Source: image:

Conjunction Junction!

Source: youtube

Combining Sentences - Compound

Practice Time! Let's look at some simple sentences, and how we can combine them into a compound sentence.


1. Derek and Steve went to the football game. They cheered for the home team.

2. The geckos seemed harmless. They chewed through the mesh screen.

3. Should we take the subway? Should we call for a cab?


**Write your answers in your notebook. Next, create 3 examples of your own. Circle the conjunction, and underline the two simple sentences.