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Comprehension Question Ch 6-10

Comprehension Question Ch 6-10

Author: Julie Sully
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1. Read Ch 6-10.

2. Answer comprehension questions in complete sentences.

Comprehension Questions Ch 6-10

Ch 6

1. What is the significance of Maria and Bruno's discussion about father and life at Out-with? What does Maria think of Father? How does Bruno feel about Maria?

2. Maria warns Bruno not to say what he really feels because it could cause trouble. What trouble could Bruno's outspokenness bring his family?


Ch 7

1. What does Bruno set out to do in Ch 7?

2. Why does Bruno describe Lieutenant Kotler as "just plain nasty'?

3. What happens to Bruno on page 78 and who comes to his rescue?

4. What is revealed about Pavel in his conversations with Bruno?

5.Why do you think  Mother wants to take credit for cleaning Bruno's wound?

Ch 8:

1. What does Grandmother mean when she says, "dressing up like a puppet on a string"?

2. Compare abd contrast Grandfather's and Grandmother's opinions of Father's new commandment position and uniform. Why do you think their opinions differ?

Ch 9:

1. What subject is Herr Liszt mainly interested in teaching? Why?

2. Why do you think Bruno never really wondered about the circumstances behind the fence?

3. What causes Bruno to question whether there are any differences between the people living on both sides of the fence?

Ch 10

1. Describe Shmuel?

2. Why do you think Shmuel remains quiet when Bruno states that Germany is superior?