Comprehension Questions Ch 1-5: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Comprehension Questions Ch 1-5: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Author: Julie Sully
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1. Read Ch 1-5 in the book.

2. Answer comprehension question in complete sentences.

Ch 1-5 Comprehension Questions

Ch 1:

1. How would you summarize Bruno's life in Berlin?

2. What can you infer about Bruno's father from information in Ch 1?

3. Why do you think Bruno has difficulties understanding what his father does at work?

Ch 2:

1. The new house makes Bruno feel "empty and cold". Why do you think Bruno feels this way?

2. Bruno's mother says, "We don't have the luxury of thinking" (p 13) and "Some people make all the decisions for us" (p 14). What does mother mean by this?

3. What can you infer from Maria's comment that the soldiers "have serious jobs... or so they think anyway" (p 19)?

Ch 3:

1. How does Gretel explain the name "Out-with"?

2. What is Out-with really?

Ch 4:

1 (Continuing from Chapter 3) How would you explain Bruno and Gretel's reactions to the children seen from Bruno's bedroom window?

2. Describe the landscape seen from the window?

3. Prediction- Who are hte people that live near Bruno's house?

Ch 5:

1. Prediction- Who is the Fury?

2. How do you explain Mother's reaction to Maria overhearing the comment, "We should never let the Fury come to dinner" (p 40)?

3. What can you infer from the descriptions of the two trains in Ch 5?

4. What does the scene with father and the group of five men imply?

5. What does Father and Bruno's conversation tell you about Father?