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Comprehension Questions Ch 11-15

Comprehension Questions Ch 11-15

Author: Julie Sully
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1. Read Ch 11-15 and answer questions.

Comprehension Question Ch 11-15

Ch 11

1. Describe the Fury's visit to Bruno's house.

2. What important clues are included in the partial conversation Bruno overhears between his parents about leaving Berlin?

Ch 12

1. Compare and contrast Bruno and Shmuel's situation.

2. Why is Bruno unsure that inviting Shmuel to dinner is a good idea?

3. Why do Bruno and Shmuel become friends?

Ch 13

1. Before Maria tells Bruno why Pavel is no longer a doctor, she says, ".... you mustn't tell anyone- do you understand? We would all get in terrible trouble." Why might knowing about Pavel's life get Bruno or Maria in trouble?

2. Describe Bruno's and Shmuel's conversation about what they want to do when they grow up. Why does it become very awkward?

3. What is significant about Bruno noticing chanes in Pavel?

4. What is significant about Lieutenant Kolter's father leaving Germany in 1938?

5. How does Kolter's treatment of Pavel affect Bruno?

CH 14

1. How does Bruno lie when he accidently mentions Shmuel in front of Gretel?

2. What does Bruno realize when he tells Gretel about Shmuel?

Ch 15

1. How does Bruno react when Shmuel shows him his bony fingers and says, "Everyone on my side of the fence looks like this now"?

2. Why do you think Bruno still does not understand what is happening at Out-With?

3. Why does Bruno deny knowing Shmuel? What would Lieutenant Kotler have done if Bruno had told the truth?

4. What is significant about how Shmuel forgives Bruno?