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Comprehension Questions Ch 16-20

Comprehension Questions Ch 16-20

Author: Julie Sully
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1. Read Ch 16-20

2. Answer comprehension questions


Comprehension Questions Ch 16-20

Ch 16

1. What causes Bruno to come to think of Out-With as home?

2. Do you think Out-with is really no longer"empty and cold" with "nothing to be happy about" as Bruno first thought?

3. Why dod you think Lieutenant Kotler is transferred from Out-With?

4. How has Gretel changed?

5. What is significant about Bruno's haircut?

Ch 17

1. Why did Father bring Gretel and Bruno into his office?

2. Explain Father's reaction when Bruno said, "There are hundreds of children here....only they're on the other side of the fence'?

3. How does Bruno feel about the new plan for him, Gretel, and Mother?

Ch 18

1. Why has Shmuel been missing the past few days?

2. After his talk with Gretel about the purpose of the fence, does Bruno believe that hte soldiers could hate Shmuel and the other Jews? Why or why not?

3. What do Bruno and Shmuel have planned for their final adventure?

Ch 19

1. What do "happy, laughing, shouting soldiers" indicate about the other side of the fence?

2. What do you think would happened if Bruno had told the crowd that his father was the Commandant?

3. What happens toBruno and Shmuel?

Ch 20

1. Father once asked Bruno "Do you think that I would have made such a success of my life if I hadn't learned when to argue and when to kep my mouth shut and follow orders?". Explain whether you think Father considers his life a success at the end of tis story.

2. Where do you think the other soldiers took Father?

3. Why does the author end the story by saying "Of course all this happened a long time ago and nothing like that could ever happen again. Not in this day and age."?