Computational Thinking with Scratch

Computational Thinking with Scratch

Author: Lori Lind

The objective for this tutorial is to learn the user interface available in Scratch.

This tutorial introduces the learner to Scratch.  An online visual programming tool made available by MIT.  The newer version is online at scratch.mit.edu.  Scratch can be used for digital storytelling, animation, simulation and making 2D video games. This software is appropriate for late elementary,middle and even beginning high school programming students to master the logic constructs used to create programs.

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Create Scratch Account

Navigate to the scratch website and create an account.

Scratch Features

Tour of the main page in Scratch.

Source: scratch.mit.edu

The Scratch Create Page

A quick look at the Scratch creation screen.

Source: scratch.mit.edu

Creating a Sprite

The different methods of creating sprites in Scratch

Source: scratch.mit.edu

The Stage - the Special Sprite

How to get backdrops for your Scratch project using 4 methods. The webcam is explored in this video.

Drawing a Simple Sprite with Multiple Costumes

Create a simple sprite with 4 costumes - front, back, left, and right.

Source: Jessica Chiang

Part 2 of Sprite Costume Creation

Part 2 of the simple sprite creation - this covers a very simple method of creating a left and right view of a sprite.

Source: Jessica Chiang

Dance animation

Create animation using the costumes created in earlier videos. Another sprite from the library is added with pre-built costumes and displays animation as well.