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Compute to Computer

Compute to Computer

Author: Bilal Haider
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Compute to computer

Slide Show Descriptions

Compute to Computer, means how the need of calculations evolved the computer to us, in which today we not only do calculations but also can do a lot of multimedia stuff too.

 The word "compute " means to calculate. It would be any type of calculations related to any field of life.

"Compute" is a Latin language word. Latians use it in sense of counting.

In early life of human being the needs are less so they resources were not considered. As far as the needs were increased , then humans buildup resources and the need of counting emerge out to count those resources.

First counting were considered through stones. They less or fill the stones from their work of counting.

After that some technical people build an abacus, which was a simple calculating device.

The concept of Calculating is still there, but it takes an evolution from simple calculations to now bits calculation which now can do all computing , multimedia and cloud computing