Computer System

Computer System


The objectives of learning the 'Computer System' is to make sure that the students will be able:

- to understand the main parts of a computer system and the peripherals commonly used. 

- to identify parts of a computer system and note whether its an input, output, or storage device. 

A computer system is consists of a set of inputs and outputs along with a processing section. A computer system can change task by loading a different program. A program is a set of instructions that the computer carries out to process data. The physical part is a computer is called hardware while the instructions or program forming an application is called software. 

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Parts of Computer

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Computer Basic - Parts of a Computer

This video is about different computer features used everyday at work and at home - the input, output and storage device.

Source: Alison Online. (2010). Computer basics - parts of a computer [Web]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMRDmkFsUZs