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Concept 1: What is the  difference between physical and chemical weathering?

Concept 1: What is the difference between physical and chemical weathering?

Author: Janelle Wilson

Standard 17c: Explain the effects of physical processes (weathering, erosion, and deposition) on geologic features

Information on the agents of physical and chemical weathering.

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Getting Started:

You'll need your science notebook, half sheet of copy paper, and something to write with.


Video Lesson

All you need to know about physical and chemical weathering. (Please excuse the jumpiness of the video. I'm using my built-in webcam.)


Don't forget to complete your question starter under your notes. Write the starter and the remainder of your question. You should have one for each category (so a total of three questions).


Basic Questions:

  • šWhat is…?
  • šWhich is…?
  • šWhat caused…?
  • šWhat are the effects of…?

šAdvanced Questions:

  • šWhat are the differences between… and …?
  • šWhat are the similarities between… and …?
  • šIf you had a choice, would you choose …. or …?
  • šWhat was the most important …?

Thinking about Thinking Questions:

  • šWhy did I struggle with …?
  • šHow will I remember …?
  • šHow can I understand…?