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Concept 3: How does the flow of freshwater affect the land?

Concept 3: How does the flow of freshwater affect the land?

Author: Janelle Wilson

Standard 17c: Explain the effects of physical processes (weathering, erosion, and deposition) on geologic features.

Standard 17c1: Describe the formation of a river system.

The basic features of a river system are explained.

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On page 76 in your notebook, please make sure your river system blank notes page is taped in. Then, write the EQ near the top or bottom of the page. How does the flow of freshwater affect the land?

Sophia Hosted

Same video; different host.

Flow of Freshwater

The formation of a river system and how water shapes the land. Be sure to take your notes on your river system diagram as you watch the video. Don't forget you can pause and replay if you miss anything.

Optional: River System Characteristics

A short two minute video with additional information about the river system.

Source: Edexcel GCSE Geography - River System Characteristics