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Concept 4: How do erosion and deposition reshape the land?

Concept 4: How do erosion and deposition reshape the land?

Author: Janelle Wilson

Standard 17c: Explain the effects of physical and chemical processes (weathering, erosion, and deposition) on geologic features.

The basic agents of erosion and how sediments are deposited with the erosional forces stop will be discussed.

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Make sure you have your notes chart on page 78. If you have lost your chart, please visit the class website to download an additional copy. This lesson corresponds with chapter 12 in the textbook, which has lots of great images. Please visit the sections of the textbook indicated below for additional information.

  • Waves - Section 1
  • Wind - Section 2
  • Glaciers - Section 3
  • Gravity - Section 4

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