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Concept 5: How do the heating rates of land and water differ?

Concept 5: How do the heating rates of land and water differ?

Author: Janelle Wilson

15b1. - demonstrate land and water absorb and lose heat at different rates, and explain the resulting effects on weather patterns (GPS)

A look at how land and water heat up at different rates.

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Heating of Land and Water Lab

If you missed the lab in class or if you want a slightly different take on the same lab, watch the video above. Be sure to go to this document linked below to record your results.

Source: Janelle Wilson

Lab and Post Lab Documents

For both of these documents, you can either copy them to your own Google Drive so you can type in them, or you can download them and type in them. Part 1 is optional if you completed the lab in class. Part 2 is required for everyone.

Part 1 - Lab

Click on the link and use the lab document to guide you through the lab video posted above.


Part 2 - Post Lab

Clink on the link. Read the article and complete the graphic organizer and post-lab questions. You may want to watch the short lecture video posted below first.

Source: Janelle Wilson

How do the heating rates of land and water differ?

Here is the video to watch for your notes. It's quick, then you can do the Post Lab described above.

Source: Janelle Wilson using Camtasia Studio