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Concept Mapping - INTC Stockton

Concept Mapping - INTC Stockton

Author: Douglas Harvey

Gain knowledge and skill in the integration of concept mapping as an instructional strategy in learning environments.

Presents the background information on concept mapping, provides tools and resources to be used in integrating concept maps in learning environments.

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Concept Mapping Explained

A short description of concept mapping.

Resources to Get You Started

Kathy Schrock provides this comprehensive guide to concept mapping:

Articles by Joseph Novak, regarded as the originator of concept mapping as an instructional tool: and .

A bank of example lesson plans from -




Video Example

A tutorial of how to use some of the concept mapping tools to make a map using technology.


CMAP - a free tool created by Joseph Novak - easy to use, and collaborative!

VUE - Visual Understanding Environment, a free tool developed by Tufts University -

Inspiration, Kidspiration, and Webspiration - a commercial tool for K-12 schools, and well supported - probably the best known tool for concept mapping in schools. You can get trial versions of the software at as well as learn more about their iPad app versions.

Here is a list of concept mapping apps for tablets: