concrete and abstract similarities and differences

concrete and abstract similarities and differences

Author: Jane Gonzalez

Now your turn to compare two different entities in biology.

Students asked to identify similarities and differences on both the concrete and abstract level.  They will be asked to write a short description and then screen cast their answer illustrating content with appropriate graphics using appropriate software.  

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Lesson on concrete and abstract comparisons: similarities and differences

explanation of how to view the differences and similarities between ideas and concepts using abstract and concrete comparisons. Emphasis on using abstract and in-depth comparisons since they enhance learning and understanding of the material.

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Source: Mrs. Gonzalez' file

Your turn - explain the differences and similarities between meiosis and mitosis

Given a graphic with illustrations and text, students will explain the similarities and differences they are able to conclude.

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Source: http://prezi.com/bcn_kxghh3gx/meiosis-and-mitosis/ and Mrs. Gonzalez' file