Conditional Formatting in Excel

Conditional Formatting in Excel

Author: Pete Dulany

By the end of this learning packet, viewers will be able to:

 * See a real example of how conditional formatting works

 * Use conditional formatting in Excel 2010 to highlight a trend of data

 * Manage conditional formatting rules

 * Clear cells of any conditional formatting


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Learn about Microsoft Excel's Conditional Formatting feature to see patterns in data that otherwise might not be seen.  Appropriate for computer science classrooms, financial / accounting settings, science teachers working with lab data, and others.

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See conditional formatting in action!

This serves as a basic introduction to Microsoft Excel's conditional formatting feature.

Source: Prepared by Pete Dulany of Dulany Consulting, Inc. 2011

Link to Microsoft Excel file for demonstration purposes

Click here to download the Microsoft Excel file used in this example to try out conditional formatting.

Source: Prepared by Pete Dulany, Dulany Consulting, Inc. 2011