Conduct research using the CSU Online Library and find...

Conduct research using the CSU Online Library and find...

Author: Minnie Fisher


Conduct research using the CSU Online Library and find at least two articles on prioritizing projects. C

Compare and contrast the two articles you found and create a three- to four-page Word document(synopsis) in APA format on what you found different about each article.Other items that need to be addressed in your paper include the urgency of each project, the cost ofdelaying the expected benefits from various projects, and practical details concerning the timing.Include a title page and a reference page (not included in the total number count of pages).1st article) Dec. 26­­WORTHINGTON ­­ As one year nears its end and another begins, a new initiative in Nobles County is being developed to encourage collaboration, gather public input, prioritize issues and pave the way for the future.The idea for Vision 2030 was born out of the recent class of local Blandin leadership graduates. As Dan Greve explains, four small groups within the Blandin cohort brainstormed ways to improve the community in which they live. The group that included Greve focused on the need for long­range planning.With a variety of capital projects already identified between the city of Worthington, Nobles County and Worthington School District 518, Greve said the small group discussed ways to be more actionable. That led to a gathering of local leaders ­­ from Dist. 518 Administrator John Landgaard toChamber Director Darlene Macklin, Worthington Regional Economic Development Corporation (WREDC) Manager Abraham Algadi, City Administrator Steve Robinson, County Administrator Tom Johnson and representatives from Minnesota West and Worthington Public Utilities.In the past month, Greve has taken the Vision 2030 idea to the county, the school district and to the Chamber, requesting each entity provide $7,500 toward the program. He has yet to schedule visits with the city of Worthington and some others.The money sought from each group will be used to fund a part­time, temporary coordinator position within the WREDC who would be tasked with coordinating public input meetings and gathering the information into a proposal that will ultimately become a 15­year plan for capital projects.

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