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Conducting a Job Interview

Conducting a Job Interview

Author: Soma Jurgensen

Upon completion of this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Identify three criteria to conduct a successful job interview
  • Prepare and plan an interview
  • Prioritize the questions to discover important information
  • Persuade the best talent to work for you
  • Identify behavioral interview questions
  • Determine if an interview question is legal or illegal

If you're switching industries, making a career change, or about to graduate, these interview tips will help you plan, prioritize, and persuade for a successful job interview.

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Conducting a Successful Job Interview

This video introduces the basic skills for conducting a job interview. Both students of professional communications and new managers or supervisors who find themselves responsible for the interview process will find this video helpful.

Conduct a Successful Job Interview - PowerPoint

Plan, Prioritize, and Persuade - three steps to prepare to conduct successful job interviews.

Behavioral Interview Questions

What are behavioral interview questions?

Behavioral interview questions are designed to understand how an potential employee behaved in particular employment related situations in order to predict the candidate's suitability for a future position.

The website has some of my favorite resources. Take a look at these links for more information.


Source: "Job Search"

Questions Not to Ask on a Job Interview

When preparing interview questions, it's the responsibility of the interview to ask questions that are both legal and ethical. Below is a list of resources that will help you identify what questions might cross the line.


Legal/Illegal Job Interview questions

This is a great guide to keep on hand to ensure your interview questions are legal.