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Conducting Proper Pat-Down Routine

Conducting Proper Pat-Down Routine

Author: Vincent Tillman

The objective of this tutorial is to teach a proper routine for pat down procedures for Aviation Transportation Security Officers

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Understanding the Pat Down Procedure

The learning objective is to understand the Pat Down procedure and the uses of certain methods

Example Visual of Proper Pat-Down Procedure

Follow the Steps to in order to present a proper and secure pat down

Overall Pat down is a resolution for Unknown Alarm through Metal Detector.

Must alarm and cause must be unknown.

Must communicate your intended action before acting on Pat Down procedure on receiver.

Offer the receiver of the pat down a choice of private screening or have procedure done in present location.

Only touch clothed areas of the body.

Start from behind and work from top to bottom

once you reach personal (buttocks/groin) areas use 'back' of hands to pat area.
repeat the same procedure in front.