Conflict with Mexico: DBQ study

Conflict with Mexico: DBQ study


Students will gain an understanding of Manifest Destiny through a primary source based activity regarding American involvment in the Mexican War.

A video summarizing necessary background information for the students and an activity to complete while in class.

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Manifest Destiny

John Green's Crash Course in History takes students through the concept of Westward Expansion and discusses the rationale behind the belief in Manifest Destiny, a concept that figures heavily into American conflicts in the 19th century.

War and Expansion

John Green's Crash Course in History takes students through the major conflicts between the US and Mexico in the 19th century with a special emphasis on the impact to Mexican citizens and Native American tribes.

Mexican American War DBQ

Students will use the background knowledge they learned from the videos to complete the following DBQ. There is a map activity, background reading, along with four primary source documents. Each contains questions for the students to answer.

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