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Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks

Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks

Author: Trisha Fyfe

This lesson evaluates and explores how the Shulman and Marzano frameworks relate to the TPACK framework.

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21st Century Instructional Practices

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Notes on "Connecting the 21st Century Frameworks"


(00:00- 00:36) Introduction/Objectives

(00:37- 00:54) Marzano’s High Yield Instructional Strategies

(00:55- 01:32) Shulman’s Framework

(01:33- 01:59) Danielson’s Framework

(02:00- 02:39) TPACK

(02:40- 05:11) Similarities and Differences: Shulman, Marzano, and Danielson

(05:12- 08:11) TPACK and Shulman, Marzano, and Danielson

(08:12- 09:01) Recap

(09:02- 09:40) Reflection

Additional Resources

What Is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge?

This article provides an explanation of the TPACK framework. The article clearly connects the TPACK framework to the work of Shulman on Pedagogy and Content. This is a must read for any educator interested in understanding the TPACK framework.

How has TPACK, UDL, Marzano's Nine, and Digital Equity affected my teaching style?

In this blog post, Erin Gaunce reflects on the changes in her practice through the integration of TPACK, UDL, and Marzano's strategies. She highlights the positive impacts on teaching and learning that resulted.