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Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks

Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks

Author: Trisha Fyfe

This lesson evaluates and explores how the Shulman, Danielson and Marzano frameworks relate to the TPACK framework.

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Source: Image of Light Bulb, Public Domain, https://pixabay.com/en/the-light-bulb-light-bulb-lighting-349400/ ; Image of TPACK image, Creative Commons, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tpack.jpg

​Notes on “Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks”


(00:00- 00:36) Introduction/Objectives

(00:37- 00:54) Marzano’s High Yield Instructional Strategies

(00:55- 01:32) Shulman’s Framework

(01:33- 01:59) Danielson’s Framework

(02:00- 02:39) TPACK

(02:40- 05:11) Similarities and Differences: Shulman, Marzano, and Danielson

(05:12- 08:11) TPACK and Shulman, Marzano, and Danielson

(08:12- 09:01) Recap

(09:02- 09:40) Reflection